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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 15, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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you can't lose this guy. i think after this, i think we've probably seen about the last of aaron rodgers tonight. >> joe: 43-yard try by crosby to make it a 24-point game. he missed from 50 moments ago. he hit the upright. and now this one is good. barely. inside the left upright. 24-point game. green bay packers trying to stamp their ticket for the nfc championship game next sunday. >> woman: good night, gluttony-- a farewell long awaited. good night, stuffy. >> ( yawning ) >> good night, outdated. >> ( click ) >> good night, old luxury and all of your wares. good night, bygones everywhere. >> ( engine revs ) >> good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning, unequaled inspiration. >> ( heartbeats )
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>> joe: 24-point game now. ties a postseason packer record. there's the drive. eats up five minutes. under 6:30 to go. crosby will kick it away. that defense, kevin greene right in the middle of that group, can't wait to get back out there. they know what they're going to face. that's a lot of throwing from matt ryan. these linebackers do their work. eric weems on the return from inside the
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5. he's got a thrilling moment in this game. that one's not very thrilling. super bowl sunday, don't miss the bridgestone super bowl xlv halftime show starring the black eyed peas. sunday, february 6th, only on fox. >> troy: how about this, joe? assuming that this score holds up, three of the last four years in the nfc, number one seed goes down in the divisional round. the cowboys in '07, the giants in '08, and now the falcons in 2010. >> joe: really hasn't happened much in history as the pass is nearly tipped for the third time in this game by tramon williams as he made the play on the ball. roddy white, the intended receiver. only four times in 30 years before this season has the number one seed lost in this round. 1980, we talked about
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atlanta losing to dallas. '87, the 49ers lost to the vikings. and then the two you mentioned, the giants in '07. they won it all. and then the giants lost to philadelphia in '08. penalty flag flies. this one for jenkins. broken up by the rookie shield. the flag is down back at the line of scrimmage. shields is slow to get up. >> troy: when he went down, joe, shields, it looked like he landed on that left shoulder. it was a pretty good impact to the ground. >> referee: defense, number 98. five-yard penalty. second down. >> troy: shields is one of the big reasons why this defense has been able to do some of the things they've been able to do. you see him come down right there on the left shoulder. he's in a great deal of pain. >> joe: they get c.j. wilson, troy, for going offside at the beginning of the play. you wonder, if, "a," it's the left shoulder. "b," got the wind knocked out of him.
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packers got to hope it's the latter. >> troy: he's staying out, so that's a good sign. >> joe: second down and five. matt ryan for finneran. they're now third down and five. >> troy: i think it's easy to lose sight of what the falcons have accomplished this year, 13-3. really the job that mike smith has done. you know, since taking over as head coach. i've been thoroughly impressed. a lot of people were wondering who mike smith was when he got named the head coach three years ago. they don't wonder anymore. i think he's done a heck of a job in assembling this team and getting them ready to play. i think they're going to be spending a lot more trips, as long as he's here and matt ryan is the quarterback, in postseason. >> joe: matt ryan completes to jenkins. ryan ends up getting hit hard and on the turf. jenkins is knocked down short of the first down by woodson. it's fourth down.
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>> joe: drive alive, and the ball pops out. it's a catch and a fumble. this could be the fourth turnover and second fumble of this game by atlanta. it's green bay's football again. 17 giveaways all year. third fewest in the nfl. they've handed it to green bay four times tonight. >> troy: right now, i mean, looking at it from atlanta's perspective. i wonder where they go from here after this game is over. you go through an entire season to become the number one seed, and then you lose a playoff game like this.
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after experiencing that two years ago at arizona. that is a long off-season in trying to rally and come back to do it all over again. this is a tough ball game for the falcons, and this is one that they're not going to forget. >> joe: starks ducks under a tackle, a gain of four. aaron rodgers, 31 of 36. 366 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions. look at his passer rating. that's one thing, troy, as you know better than anybody in this booth, to do it during the regular season, but until you do it this time of year, people always have question marks around your name. aaron rodgers has a very good playoff record. he's 3 for 3. >> troy: he knows it. the next thing they'll say is he's not won an
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nfc championship game. until you do it, you've never done it. so you're constantly being questioned for it. >> joe: here's starks. he's got some burst. aaron rodgers also has a touchdown run in this game. >> troy: but, hey, as long as they continue to put players around aaron rodgers like they have and they coach them up the way mike mccarthy and his staff have, aaron rodgers, he's going to win a lot of playoff games, and he's going to win a lot of super bowls too. >> joe: so it's a team that went 10-6 during the regular season. they won at philly last week. they're going to win in atlanta this week. they will be in either seattle or chicago for the nfc championship game next sunday. james starks. wow, what a hit by william moore. and starks pops right up. fox monday at 8:00 eastern/7:00 central, all new "house."
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return for the most dramatic cases yet. and more than a few big surprises. candace bergen stars in an all new episode of "house." viewer discretion advised. monday, 8:00 eastern/7:00 central on fox. how about that hit by william moore? >> troy: i said earlier in the game that james starks doesn't go backwards. he does when he gets hit rik that. >> joe: wow. second and eight. starks again. nothing. nicholas on the tackle. well, the early game tomorrow will be fun to watch. seattle at chicago. that's at noon eastern/9:00 pacific.
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by the way, we thank kevin spacey for reading the journey tonight. tomorrow it's the great kurt russell getting us on the air. for the fox nfl sunday matchup of matt hasselbeck and jay cutler. third down and eight. and starks gets nothing. just a couple more numbers about seattle and chicago. seattle is a super bowl team that '05 season when they lost to pittsburgh with matt hasselbeck at quarterback. they had that marshawn lynch 67-yard run last week in the win over new orleans. troy, that's a different chicago team than seattle beat 23-20 in week six. they've settled down on the offensive line, and they've run the ball a lot better to complement what cutler, mike martz, and the receivers can do. two-minute warning. we'll come back and set up more of chicago and seattle on the other side. [ "1812 overture" playing ]
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the nation's fastest mobile broadband network is getting faster with 4g. >> woman: good night, gluttony-- a farewell long awaited. good night, stuffy. >> ( yawning ) >> good night, outdated. >> ( click ) >> good night, old luxury and all of your wares. good night, bygones everywhere. >> ( engine revs ) >> good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning, unequaled inspiration. >> ( heartbeats ) >> joe: 45-21. starks, 25 carries, 66 yards.
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aaron rodgers threw for 366. a 32-yard drive by mason crosby is good. he's 2 for 3 on the day. and so now we welcome you back inside our booth. i think it's worth hearing from you about the game coming up tomorrow early on fox. that's seattle at chicago. you and i have talked about it all weekend long. that's no given there with the way seattle played last week. >> troy: i mean, just the way that they played and been able to beat new orleans, nobody gave them a chance in that one. i wouldn't discount them. matt hasselbeck, when he's on, he's as good as anybody. that's really going to be the key. you think back to the last time these two teams met, both teams are entirely different teams than they were back then. they didn't protect jay cutler in that game. the offensive line was having some problems. they have gotten a lot better with mike martz and what he's doing running the football now and playing really to the strengths of that team.
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it's going to be a tough place for seattle to have to go to and win. but i think it's going to be a really good game. >> joe: the guy that we talked about last time we had chicago a little bit but deserves a lot of credit is mike tice. >> troy: absolutely. >> joe: he's done a great job with that offensive line. and he's as big a reason why the bears have settled down, run the ball better, and protected jay cutler as mike martz or anything going on on the field itself. >> troy: all good teams get their heartbeat from their offensive line, and that's the case with them right now. >> joe: line drive kick. weems on a couple of hops. out to the 25. fights his way to the 27. i want to thank steve horn for all the work he does for me in both baseball and certainly in football, our editorial consultant. the producer of today's game is ricky zions. and the director rich russo.
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broadcast associates are rich gross. studio show produced by scott ackerson, directed by bob levy, which they figured out during our pregame tonight. still see director stephanie medina and highlights coordinator janice. studio tape supervisor is jack simmons. >> troy: a great job again tonight by mike stepack. >> joe: we just have to get it in. if you're going to thank stepack for the job he does, green bay's own, i'm going to thank dave schwalbe, our spotter in the booth, and ed, the best statistician that's ever been created. >> troy: and scott snyder to my right, thank you, sir. >> joe: there's arthur blank, who has his team poised for years to come. this is going to leave a mark. this is a thumping here at home. 27-point game, new packers record. and now another sack. this time it's c.j.
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wilson. no green bay team in the history of the postseason has ever scored 48 points until tonight. and we talked about it early, troy, as you watch the wilson sack. think about how this started. the early turnover by green bay. matt ryan and company took advantage of it. packers started a drive at their 19. scored a touchdown to tie it. weems returns one for 102 yards. 14-7 home team. and then a drive that started at the 8. it was helped by two defensive fouls down near the falcons end zone. ended in seven points. from that moment on, it was all green bay. >> troy: and the other part of this is the competence level for the packers now going into next week's game, regardless of where they have to go, is as high as they could have hoped for. and in addition to that, think about that
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baltimore-pittsburgh game earlier today, how physical that game was. not that this one was not physical. they've been able to rest some players as well, coming off a short week after last sunday's game at philadelphia, turn around, be able to rest some players late, have great confidence, feel good about yourself, no major injuries that i'm aware of. i don't know the packers could ask for anything more right now. >> joe: and a 27-point win if it ends as this, which is 48-21. koenen will punt. by the way, the packers did not punt this entire game. packers defense had four takeaways, five sacks, scored a touchdown right before the half on a return by tramon williams 70 yards. tim masthay, who's been very good the last couple of weeks, kicking it away from dangerous punt returners, was not needed tonight. packers were 8 of 12 on third down. 4 of 6 in the red zone scoring touchdowns. rodgers threw for
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three scores and ran for another. koenen hits a beauty. fair catch tramon williams. tramon williams, i think, troy, is going to make this postseason his opportunity to show the voters and people around the league that he was indeed snubbed as a pro bowler. tied for number would in the nfc with six picks. he's got three in two games this postseason. >> troy: his time's coming. for those that didn't know who tramon williams was, after the last two games they certainly do now. and he was arguably their best corner throughout the season. i mean, as good as charles woodson has been, he's been good in the backfield, he's been good coming off the edge and blitzing and tackling. i think, as far as pure coverage skills, i think tramon williams was their best corner. >> joe: they'll kneel
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down, and the falcons will get out of here, and so will the green bay packers. they're in the nfc championship game with a 27-point road victory behind aaron rodgers. with the crowd noise and the falcons defense. matt ryan keeps his helmet on as he heads off the field. he had a rough first half, and the falcons could not recover. mike mccarthy in his fifth year is headed to his second nfc championship game. he took the packers there in 2007, when they lost in overtime behind brett favre to the new york giants, who won it all that season. tramon williams such a big part of this. this was a total team effort. standing by with aaron rodgers, pam oliver. pam? >> pam: aaron, joe buck called it a clinic. describe what it's like when everything
11:20 pm
goes your way as a passer and an offense. >> it was one of those nights. guys made some big plays. i felt like i was in the zone. i was able to escape a couple times, keep drives going. we had fun all night. i mean, fun night. >> pam: next week, nfc championship game. >> yeah, i mean, that's what you dream about. we're going to go on the road again, either chicago or seattle. we'll be watching tomorrow. this just feels so good right now. to be able to put up that kind of a performance as an offense, it's incredible. >> pam: congratulations. >> thank you. >> pam: joe, back to you. >> joe: the last time the packers were in the nfc championship game, rodgers was standing on the sideline in a frozen lambeau field watching brett favre at the controls. this is aaron rodgers' team now. he was in the zone, as he said, and in charge. matthews has been in the zone all year long. at&t post-game show is coming up. what a night for the green bay packers. they are into the nfc championship game. so long.
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>> curt: today is just about wrapped up, but we will be back tomorrow with a full hour of pregame show. i went up to the great northwest to talk to pete carroll about his high flying hawks. while the bears are known for their defense, pam talks to the guy who operates chicago's offense. plus in foxborough to compare the contrasting styles of bill belichick and rex ryan. it all starts at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific only on fox. right now which welcome you back to the "at&t post-game show." curt menefee along with terry, howie, michael, and jimmy. while we're talking about tomorrow, why don't we take a
11:24 pm
look at the subway fresh take schedule. for that, once again, seattle at chicago. our coverage here on fox begins at noon eastern/9:00 a.m. pacific. and then the afc divisional finale, the jets at new england on cbs beginning at 4:30 eastern time. mr. strahan, give us a fresh take of tomorrow's games. >> michael: fresh take is everybody wonder why the chicago bears played all their starters against the green bay packers. this is why. they didn't want the packers to win it because they don't want to see the packers in the playoffs. with that being said, they can't get ahead of themselves, jimmy, because they still have to beat the seattle seahawks. >> jimmy: michael, you look at this game tomorrow with seattle and chicago, you know, the so-called experts are saying, well, seattle doesn't have a shot. how do they not have a shot? they beat chicago in chicago earlier in the season 23-20. why do they not have a shot? they beat the defending nfl champions, the new orleans saints, and beat them bad last week. if they keep the same level of play as what they had last week
11:25 pm
against chicago, yes, they've got a shot. >> howie: that's you, buddy. so you're picking them tomorrow? >> jimmy: i haven't made my pick yet. >> terry: i'll take home field advantage. i like cutler's arm in bad weather. he throws a tight spiral. they're aggressive. i like the fact they're running the football. their defense is aggressive. it's pretty simple. 300-plus player personnel moves for pete carroll in seattle. one being a reclamation project in mike williams. and one with lynch. the seattle seahawks are two games away, and why not? they are two games away from going to dallas. >> curt: i don't know what it means, but so far in the playoffs, think of this. road teams are 4-2. home field advantage has not meant a lot. >> michael: so the seahawks in the super bowl at 9-9. >> terry: don't get ahead of yourself. >> curt: we'll find out whether or not home field means anything and if the seahawks can keep their magical train rolling tomorrow when we see you with
11:26 pm
the pregame show beginning at noon eastern/9:00 a.m. pacific to get you all set for the big divisional matchup. the winner will face the packers for the nfc title. see you then. -- captions by vitac -- >> curt: here are today's silverado dependable players of the day. in full effect today in the steel city. the ravens were dependable early, but it was the steelers who depended on their qb to help them advance. over in hot-lanta, a huge nfc rematch. it was the pack who got down and dirty in this nfc divisional showdown. [ male announcer ] it's wrong to pay a change fee.
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on top of a difference in airfare. so fly southwest. the only airline with no change fees.
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 >> thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. tonight was about the play-offs and fans were treated to two intense games. the play-offs taking a big step
11:29 pm
closer to the ultimate faceoff. fox 5s dave ross has more. >> reporter: it was a wild night in the nfl. we begin the day with 18 left in contention for the coveted vince lombardi trophy. but, as it stands, we are down to 6. a game sign here on fox 5 nfc divisional game between the packers and the top-seated atlanta falcons is supposed to be a good one. not so, tied at 14. aaron rogers going at the top and james jones, with 20 yards and the packers up 21-14. ensuing falcons possession and this is a dagger. maddie ryan, calling him maddie ice. the reverse skate, 70 yards for the score, the packers up by 14 at the half and the falcons can't recover. green bay wins 48-21 and advances to the nfc championship game. how about the afc, the ravens and steelers looking for a trip to the title game. the pittsburgh fans waving the
11:30 pm
terrible towels. the end zone and joe flacco, the ravens up 14 at the break and you knew the steelers would come back and boy did they ever. big ben roethlisberger and to heinz ward. ties the game at 21 and tied up at 24 with under two to play, mendenhall had a day. two hard touchdown runs right there, 31-24 is your final and as the steelers move one step closer to the super bowl. tomorrow, the pats and jets do battle for the right to play the steelers and the bears and seahawks play at 1:00 p.m., a game that can be seen here on fox 5 and should be a good one, though. >> it should be. thank you for. that. the play-offs heat up and the nation continues to try to heal, from the tucson shootings, a message from the nfl to the remaining play-off team. cut out the trash talk. it told multiple clubs to watch the taunting, especially when it involves other players. they're in charge of discipline
11:31 pm
and is asking the team to respect the league and the game. a stunning twist as a victim of the tragedy in tucson is hauled off by deputies. here he is, james fleur, arrested at a tea party rally. he took a picture of a tea party leader and yelled you're dead. he's been charged with threats, intimidation and disorderly conduct and is ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. fuller was shot in the knee in last week's shooting. doctors in arizona are waiting to see if congresswoman gabrielle giffords can speak. the breathing tube inserted into her wind pipe has been replaced by what is known as a trach tube, preventing permanent damage from the breathing tube and gives her a chance to speak if she can and that depends on her brain function and how often she wakes up to try to communicate. and there is more good news tonight. another victim sent home from the hospital today. two others are still there and listed in good condition. now, with one week of mourning
11:32 pm
behind them, lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to get back to the business of governing. >> to some degree, the president and republican leaders are reading from the same page and both talking about toning down the rhetoric and trying to work together. the president in his weekly address, touched on the victims of last week's shooting in tucson and said it's time for both parties to move on with the the new commitment. >> as we perform the work of the nation, the prayer is that we stay true to the words and turn to the examples of heroism and courage and perseverance. to bring out the better in all of us. >> reporter: republicans also expressing that sentiment and at the same time, saying it's time to get back to their agenda -- ash joined a including an effort to repeal the president's healthcare plan. >> it's our duty to uphold our oath, listen and represent, we will not let this inhumane act callous into doing otherwise. >> reporter: another voice weighing in, jon mc-- john
11:33 pm
mccain, who praises the president in a piece in tomorrow's "washington post" and seems to defend his former running mate sarah palin, whom some democrats accused of creating a damaging political atmosphere. imagine how it must peel -- feel, he writes, to watch the innocence of someone who lost some of his humanity and to have heard the voices accusing you of comaccomplicet in it. and another idea that seems to be gaining traction is the proposal to have both parties sit together at this month's state-of-the-union address. a small group of republicans and democrats now on board. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. a southeast d.c. man's body found on the farragut metro track before noon. tonight, there are no answers how he got there or how the train struck him and the operator never noticed. fox 5s roz plater has the story. >> reporter: the mystery first came to light before noon at
11:34 pm
the farragut north metro station. that is when a rider notified workers that there was a man's body on the train tracks. immediately, metro police began shutting down the station and alerting passengers. >> my wife and my two sons were in the front car and they made an announcement that there was a situation on the track. >> reporter: shortly after workers began evacuating the trains, leaving passengers baffled, not knowing exactly what happened. >> trying to look around and figure what is going on, you know, and then they -- there was not much of a panic but people got out and walked out and the police and firemen came down and got us out of there. >> reporter: fire &rescue units arrived and quickly realized there is little they could do. >> and we had the person on the tracks, the person was free of the train essentially and had injured that were inconsistent with life. essentially pronounced dead on the scene. >> reporter: for two hours, investigators poured over the scene looking for clues to so many unanswered questions.
11:35 pm
how did the man get on the tracks? did he jump? was he pushed or was there some sort of tragic accident? metro said that the man was struck by the train which only adds to the mystery: how does the train strike him without the operator knowing it happened? investigators are reviewing video surveillance footage and interviewing train operators. there are no known witnesses. metro investigators say they expect a medical examiner will have to determine if the impact of the train was the cause of death. in the newsroom, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. an investigation into some bones found at rock creek park this morning. people out for a walk found the bones about 11:00 this morning. so far, investigators don't know whether the bones are human or animal. the medical examiner will make a determination. a call for action against people in prince georges county after an alarming rash of killings. the latest happened at this scene tuesday night. two men were stabbed, one killed. the attack is one of 13
11:36 pm
homicides in the county so far this year and tonight, community leaders and neighbors came together at the scene of that crime to call for an end to all violence in their counties. matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: it was in the same parking lot last week that two men were stabbed, one of them was killed and that is why county leaders and police administrators chose this spot to basically update the public this evening on what is being done to deter future crime. the residents, they are very concerned here in prince georges county. it was at the shopper's food warehouse parking lot where police believe that gang activity led to a violent fight here. two men were stabbed, one of them died. college a resident i'm very concerned, very nervous. can we get everyone around together in a circle, please, for a home? >> reporter: he put together tonight's candlelight ridgeile -- vitamin toil remember those murdered in the county and to calm fears of many of his neighbors. >> people whose lives were
11:37 pm
snuffed out in the prime of life. >> reporter: there was prayer and strong talk from county leaders. vowing this violence will stop. >> rest assure we're going to do everything we can and we're going to make sure the prince georges county is safe as it can be, and i will not rest until that is done. >> reporter: police chief mark mcgaw ordered more than 150 additional officers to patrol the streets each night. the sheriff's office is stepping up efforts to arrest people who have outstanding warrants and last wednesday and thursday, authorities cuffed about 100 people, taking guns and drugs off the street. >> this operation has been a tremendous success, and we're going to continue slog we have to to bring the peace and calm to the community. >> reporter: federal and state law enforcement agencies have joined the fight. tonight, the county executive reminded residents authorities can't do it alone. >> we need the community's help. as i said before, solving these homicides is a thing we want to
11:38 pm
do now. >> reporter: tonight, the police chief said that three of the homicides have been cleared. that basically means that someone has been arrested in connection to three of the homicides, and he said that he believes more arrests will happen soon. in prince georges county, matt ackland, fox 5 news. did you get outside today? it was definitely a day to do it. it sure felt warmer. what about the rest of the weekend? gwen tolbert is in the weather center. i know you like it cold and windy, but most of us want to repeat it today. >> i don't like it cold and windy. just the weather part of me sometimes. you know what, i do like the sunshine and the warmth. we did have a warmer day today where temperatures remember -- temperatures were, a little above the seasonal average, will and let's look at the satellite radar composite and we have some clear skies coming out there and clouds are rolling in, headed our way for the overnight hours and some of you use the far west, a passing flurry earlier and there is not much at all to talk about. the temperatures right now in
11:39 pm
our map is at 43 degrees in the nation's capitol, 40, baltimore; 39 degrees at gaithersburg; 40 at dulles and 40 degrees at martinsburg. for tonight, we're going to see the clouds rolling in and mostly cloudy in the overnight hours, light winds and a chilly 30 degrees. the winds light from the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour, and you know what? i like it sunny and calm. the things are changing in our five-day forecast. and i will have the details later. back to you. >> gwen, thank you. a verdict in a trial that is making headlines. an 8-year-old dead, shot in the head at an -- with an oozy at a gun show. it was an emotional reaction as the man charged in connection with the shooting hears the verdict. and the man who exposed a pentagon paper to the world is the subject of a distinctive honor. what he did sounds strangely similar to a current controversy. plus, the department of homeland security phils the plug on a plan to take border patrol high-tech. >> don't go away, we have more ahead on fox 5. d1@úú
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>> border patrol plans a virtual fence scrap. no more cameras and sincors to relay information on people crossing into the state. the reason? plain and simple, it wouldn't have worked. fox's peter deucey explains why. >> reporter: construction on the secure border initiative network or sbi net, started while george w. bush was president and his goal was to use the virtual fence to gather surveillance from a bunch of sensors on the border and send them back to a single screen somewhere where authorities could streamline the intel to keep an eye on illegal activity, and they started building it in arizona. but, before it could grow to the rest of the region, president obama pulled the plug because, after homeland security froze spending in march, they did a review and dhs secretary janet napolitano said, quote, as this assessment, which combined an
11:44 pm
independent quantitative science-based review with the input of u.s. border patrol agents on the front lines and the department's leading science and technology experts made clear sbi net can not meet its original objective of providing a single integrated border security technology solution, end quote. residents in the effected areas seem to be feeling mixed about the decision to stop construction and try to continue securing the border a different way. >> i think it's a money pit. they never work, everything's offline. >> it's, you know, changed a lot of patterns that people that are going through the area, and i don't know whether that is enabled the border patrol to set up, you know, catch points. >> reporter: even though border patrol is a very hot political issue, republican john mccain came out and said he agrees with the decision to pull the plug on the fence if it was going to be wasting tax.
11:45 pm
congressman peter king doesn't know what took so long and has serious doubts about the obama administration's lack of urgency to secure the border n. washington, peter deucey, fox news. the pentagon papers that shed light on the way to u.s. government got involved in vietnam. now, he's being honored by the state department. the accolades for daniel els beg come while the pentagon tries to beat back damage it believes was done when private bradley manning gave classified information to wikileaks. manning said he admires elsberg and he defended julian assange. the state department named a documentary about elsberg as one of several that will tour the world as part of an american documentary showcase. a student sent home for wearing the wrong team's jersey. no joke. what happened that ended in disciplinary action for the seventh grader who wanted to have a little fun. plus, the beautiful celebration of a life spent
11:46 pm
together. going to take tout party for a local -- take you to a party for a local couple married 77 years today on the other side of the break. 
11:47 pm
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11:49 pm
a former massachusetts police chief is found not guilt net death of an 8-year-old boy. edward flurry was charged with involuntary manslaughter. she was -- the boy was shooting an oozy at a pumpkin when the gun kicked back and shot him in the head. the boy's father was recording the whole thing. the defense tried to pin the responsibility on the boy's father and emergency room doctor. he signed the waiver to allow his 11 and 8-year-old sons to fire the gun. a school fund supporting an nfl team turned into hurt feelings and threats of discipline for a seventh grader. graden bailey wore his pittsburgh jersey to school on seahawks spirit day in washington state. you can probably figure out why that didn't go over well.
11:50 pm
he asked the principal permission to wear the jersey instead of the seahawks shirt and the principal said you either wear the seahawks gear or regular clothes but he did it anyway. the seventh grader claims the restaurant principal threatened to send him to detention so he called his father to pick him up. i thought it was unfair that the seahawks fans got all of their gear and stuff. i did it. >> great day for him. he, obviously, gets the message of standing up for what you believe in and has tons of support. >> the star defensive linebacker heard about it and sent him a facebook message and he said he is going to send him steelers gear as well. i guess the young man has learned something about loyalty. >> i think so. >> he likes the steelers. to a different kind of rivalry, one between man and wife. >> how do you keep things friendly after a decade together? we met an expert who said the key is two words: yes, dear. [ laughter ] bess and homer are
11:51 pm
celebrating 77 years of marriage and another milestone, homer's 100th birthday. what is the key to a long life and happy marriage? i sat down with them to get the answers. >> all i see -- >> happily ever after got a new model couple. >> we had, have a very good marriage. we have been together for so long. >> reporter: 80 years together and counting. >> i met him when i was 16 years ole, and he was 19. right? >> reporter: that was many moons ago. but you never know it watching bess and homer. the rockville couple will celebrate their 77th wedding anniversary on the the 21st and it's not their only milestone this month. she turned 97 on tuesday, he'll be 100 on sunday. >> reporter: what is the secret? >> oh, everyone -- [ laughter ] >> eat a banana every day. every morning, i have a banana and if you can't -- can, eat a baked potato.
11:52 pm
>> reporter: laughter plays a strong part. homer's humor helped win her mother over when she initially objected to their relationship. they lived their whole lives in baltimore, where homer worked as an optrishian and bess was a homemaker. they stayed through all the ups and downs, communication helped keep their marriage strong. >> today, the very first argument. >> oh. [ laughter ] they either separate or get a divorce. >> marriage is not as smooth as everyone says it is, you know. that are you married? >> not yet. >> oh, marriage is beautiful. >> reporter: the couple has two children, a son and a daughter. the son passed away a few years ago. they have five grandchildren, 9 great grand children. i think god was just -- blessed us. >> reporter: their love and devotion to each other is a mod model to their family and friends. the couple said there are a few things to remember when it comes to making it work. >> if you want to stay married and you want to be happy with your wife, you say one thing,
11:53 pm
two things: yes, dear. [ laughter ] just a yes, dear, and if you say yes, dear, enough, you will be married for the rest of your life. and -- and that is all you have to do. >> let him think he's right. in the meantime, you're the one -- . >> and never go to bed angry. >> reporter: and as for what they're most looking forward to now. >> he wanted to live to be 100. now what do you want? i want to live to 105. [ laughter ] >> pig. >> we had a good life. >> reporter: a life filled with love and family, a fairy tale come true. >> are they just not the best couple in. it's awesome. take home bananas every morning. and yes, dear. >> potatoes. she said the potassium. >> all of the carbs? >> oh, my. like she has to worry about it. she's beautiful and 97. i hope i look half as good, you know in. >> -- . >> you know, it's great. and stick with us for the second half hour.
11:54 pm
we have what you need to know about metro that can change up your plans the next day or two. and get very serious. by a week after the tragedy in tucson, you're going to get an inside look at this video that got suspect jared loughner kicked out of college. it's not what he showed in the video, it's what he said. 
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
>> we're exam -- examining the torture of students. >> a bizarre video posted on line. this is the video that got jared loughner kicked out of pima community college last year. he wanders around campus rambling about johnny on side war and low-income calling it unconstitutional. the campus cop happened to find it on youtube and track it down. the video has been removed from
11:58 pm
the website. while he's behind bars tonight, tucson is trying to move o. one week after the massacre that stunned the entire country, the grocery store where the shootings took place in the parking lot out front reopened today. fox's casey stegal is in tucson tonight. >> reporter: it's been one week since a mass shooting turned a small town of tucson upside down and now, the community is taking its first steps toward normalcy. starting with the reopening of the safeway. ribbons, flags and flowers adorned the small makeshift memorial outside of the supermarket's entrance. a relatively peaceful scene compared to the one that played out there just seven days ago. and the pain is still fresh. the cries of this shattered community are shared by the nation. a moment of tells to mark the attack outside of the store and killing six people, wounding 13
11:59 pm
others, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. for a week, the nation's leaders came to tucson to mourn with the families of the loss, comfort those injured and praised the heros and for the first time since the tragic event, first responders are speaking out. >> the fire service in general followed a model from 9/11 training in mass casualty that we train -- what we plan for is terrorism and in this case mass casualties and we got good at it. >> reporter: representatives across the country are still holding congress on your corner event, including two lawmakers in minnesota who say that they're not going to let what happened here in tucson scare them into hiding. in tucson, arizona, casey stegal, fox 5 news. jared loughner has been described as nonsensical and obsessive. a former


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